Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animazement '09 Personal Review (Pt. 1)

Animazement is said and done. I'm so happy with how I did for my first artist alley ever!! I thought I wouldn't sell as much and I'd be cooped up behind my table for the whole weekend bored, but that didn't happen (not that much anyway. xD)

My table did awesome. Nearly sold out of my onigiri charms and got lots of compliments on my stuff (and my outfits from time to time!). Also had enough to make my splurges in the dealers room and especially in the Artists Alley and feed my table helper (aka my boyfriend - might as well feed him since he spent his free time at his first ever convention behind a table!) and I. I seriously can't wait till my next table which will hopefully be at Libaricon or the brand spankin' new Ichibancon about 20 minutes away from my house. (Actually, I work at the mall its right by. xD;;) We have lots to work on with table set up of course, but they are just quick easy fixes.

For example, we need more standing things at our table. I wanted to do signs with the studio name and other info on it, but my partner and I never got together to plan about things like that a head of time. I didn't want to just go out and buy supplies without consulting her about it. I did however get cute plates and bowls to put my things on because that was something I really wanted to do. Plus because most of my things were foods and fruits it was suiting!

Other things I wish I had was more sewn things. I was really looking forward to having alice bows, skirts, and tote bags but as for what to put on them I blanked. I also waited until the last minute to make the skirts. I was only about a hour and a half to finishing the one skirt I started on and even took my sewing machine to do it in the hotel, but I forgot the elastic for the waist band! So I ended up just deciding to skip out on all the fabric things. I also forgot to grab the crocheted roses I made so I could work on them at the table and make some classic lolita combs and brooches.

The artist alley really needed actual lolita stuff too, so I wish I could've delivered in that sense. The dealers room had over priced (from what I saw) stuff - not saying it wasn't nicely made stuff, though - and the AA had bad lace and just ita-quality accessories. v_v Next year AZ you will know great Handmade Lolita potential. *bows*

But I've learned from my mistakes and hope to make that show with my next table, wherever that may be.

Soon, I hope to update my etsy and my DeviantArt with the things left over from my table. I have lots of stuff to post and I haven't updated in such a long time due to AZ preparations so its long overdue. :3

As for the actual convention it was ok... they do, however need to work on scheduling and where they put rooms during the rave - more on that later. And the escalators being out the whole convention? That was annoying. It's quite obvious this was our first year at this venue, so hopefully they will address and settle all the kinks for next year. :3 I will be posting more on Animazement - including pictures!! - as soon as I can so look forward to it!
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emily Temple Cute

Today is such a nice day outside. I'm feeling quite inspired and after this post I might just lounge outside until it starts getting chilly.

With this nice weather I've also been itching to get the chance to put together a cute and bright look together. As you will come to learn, my favorite lolita brand is Emily Temple Cute. I actually keep a close look on their blog - especially to see the co-ordinates they put together with their clothing! Although at the moment I can't afford to buy it, I do keep a eye open on particular online sites for anything similar and maybe after I'm through with all this Artist Alley stuff I will be able to sew some stuff for myself. I guess I should also mention I work at an children's store at the mall and can actually fit in some of it so that doesn't hurt either. xD

I actually have a folder on my computer dedicated to Emily Temple Cute. Here are some of my favorites:


I really like the skirt. I'm seriously thinking of making something similar myself maybe in a different color than that, and if its simpler than I think it is I might just make it in various colors.


I LOVE the one on the left! I'm not a big fan of pink, honestly.


The one thing I love about ETC is the cute and simple details they add. This dress may look plain, but the back is the most special part - to me, at least. I love small details like this.


Now the next one is from one of their recent blogs. I love the shoes they paired it with and the hat is a great touch! I've been getting into hats the past few months. ^3^


But speaking of hats, I think more lolitas should incorporate hats into their looks. Not those mini hats but FULL hats. I think they are much cuter and a great look!

If you are intested in this brand follow these links!
http://blog.emilytemplecute-nagoya.com/ This is one of many of their blogs and the one I watch. I believe they have a blog for each shop.
http://www.emilytemple-cute.com/ This is the official site.
http://maruione.jp/en/maruionejp-emily-temple-cute-c-59_91.html You can buy some of their items here.
http://community.livejournal.com/emikyu/ I also watch this community - naturally! Here are other fans of the brand. Any questions you may have about the brand these girls can probably help you. Also a great place to keep your eye open for any second-hand items which is what I do. xD

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's my first time - be gentle

Soooo... this may just be the start of a beautiful thing. I'm sure it will be. :D

Now lets start with the basics. Hello! My name is Brittany. I'm twenty years old and I started this blog yesterday afternoon after seeing someone on etsy.com blogging on here as well about her crafts and packaging. I thought it would be a great idea to start one as well, because I love talking about my romps with crafting and such to anyone who will listen. Also quite honestly I figure it could be another way to get my shop's name out there, too! Visit my etsy :3 *shameless plug*

I've had so many online journals but all of them are private and only friends can read them. All but one of them are actually still in use today (actually, I should update it later today)! But because that one is about my general life and full of me talking about my love life and such I felt like I needed a new start. A new blog or journal that was focused on only a bit of my life... and open so anyone could keep up with me.

This blog will be centered around my crafts and maybe even my lolita/general fashion obsession. I will be posting the things I make and from time to time that one outfit I'm in love with or co-ordinates I've worn/will wear.

So to start things off I want to talk about what I'm working on right now. Animazement '09 is just around the corner!! Got me a table for the Artist Alley and I'm in the process of making stock for the table. I'm not drawing anything. Really, the closest thing to drawing I might be doing for the table would be drawing the guidelines for my hand embroidery. xD I'm making things like key chains, necklaces, and rings... I'm also planning on making some lolita head bows and/or skirts and tote bags. I reeally need to get on the ball, though! I'm going to be there under Cute Fruit Studios with my friend Katie who will be drawing mostly gaming stuff.

I find it amusing that two people not really into anime are trying to do an art table at an anime convention. xD But hey, she plays Japanese video games and I'm into japanese fashion and music. I'm sure that stands for something!! Not saying I don't like anime, I'm just not well versed in it like I used to be. Actually, I just finished Kashimashi the other day which was an adorable yuri anime!! The ending was ridiculous but still!

Anyway, I went on a tangent. The past few days I've been working on bows out of polymer clay. They will be turned into rings, necklace centerpieces, and cell phone charms.



They seem to be quite popular on my deviantart so I'm thinking they might just go well at the convention. I'm quite excited about these! Last night I made some more in lavender and white. These are all the ring versions, but like I said I'm making charms as well.

I'm waiting for my order of ring bases to come in, though. I feel like I'm stuck because I just want to be able to put these rings together and have it said and done! I'm not nervous about it - just excited. X3

Well, its time for lunch for me now. I'm going to start glazing the charms I made last night and get myself a bite to eat with the boyfriend.